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LEB6 Security  is a dynamic hands-on Security Consulting company that provides services which include Tactical Emergency Reaction and VIP. LEB6 Security  also installs Security Systems that are linked to an efficient Control Room. Emergency Reaction is done by our highly skilled Strike Team, consisting of only the best in their field. LEB6 SECURITY was established in year 2004 fomerlly know as consulate security services and is fast growing to be known as the best Security Company throughout South Africa. The Aim of LEB6 SECURITY  is to reflect the resolve of South Africans, as individuals and as a nation, to live as equals, to live in peace and harmony and to be free from fear. We will ensure that our internal and external customers are enjoying the services of LEB6 SECURITY, and conducting a business in a crime free district
Chief Jones Leb 6 Security Founder
Chief Jones Talane


LEB6 SECURITY  installs reliable security systems which include alarm systems, surveillance equipment and access control units. All the systems are linked to our 24 hour Control Room. We have well trained reaction officers and their tactical experience is noticeable in the way they respond, protect and secure your house, company and family. In an emergency, you can be sure that should the need arise for reaction or assistance , LEB6 Security will be always there and key to an efficient and effective Armed Response service is our personnel, their training, our call centres and our vehicles. All must be of the highest calibre and quality.


Theft and vandalism have a serious effect on a business. Apart from the loss of goods, equipment and damage to property, these crimes often involve the loss of critical information. They also have a negative psychological impact on both employees and customers.
LEB6 ‘s world-class intrusion detection and protection systems help ensure that your property, your assets, and your people are protected 24 hours a day from such threats. Our systems provide a crucial deterrent to criminals and a fast response when required. Systems are designed for your specific business needs and can be integrated with current systems, giving you the flexibility to enable secure out-of-hours working and deliveries, as well as the capability to manage employee movements in one building or a number of locations through a single interface. LEB6 SECURITY  Guards are available to stand guard for the public, banking industry and at shopping malls. They will also look after your home when you go on holiday. You can rest assured that they will secure and protect your home until your safe return.

VIP Protection

To serve and protect is our specialisation. Whenever you need a escort or personal protection, close protection for the whole family, please contact us. We go extra mile LEB6 SECURITY  IS TO Protection Services offers the most professional executive protection service in South Africa. Protect your company’s current and future profitability by safeguarding your financial assets and providing your executives and staff with a safe and secure work environment.

Estate Security

To ensure the highest level of safety in any estate requires a security partner that is equipped to handle the many varied tasks estate security requires, some of which may be unique to an estate. LEB6 evaluates and analyses each estate’s unique security needs and has the capability to provide a turnkey security service, tailored to blend seamlessly into any estate’s culture and lifestyle.
All LEB6 SECURITY  staff members are extensively trained to meet and exceed the national training requirements – from fire handling, medical emergencies, public relations and client liaison skills. LEB6 is well equipped to deliver a world-class service to all estates. With LEB6’s personnel, technology and strong Armed Response fleet, a homeowner association, development company or property management business can confidently place its estate’s safety in the hands of the nation’s leading security company.