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We believe in giving back to our community by keeping our heritage to  promoting the Tradition, Health and sport awarness, to giving Disadvantaged children and Grannies a chance to live better life and entertained.

Our organization name is Lebowa Moral Regeneration and its mandate is to renew our indigenous way of praying, keeping our heritage and to teach morals to our new generation, so that all south Africans, as individuals and as a nation, to live as equals, to live in peace and harmony and to be free from fear.

Culture is an essential ingredient for a community that is vibrant, livable, and prosperous. The national Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport describes culture as having the power to transform and across the province, nation, and globe communities agree and are acknowledging and leveraging the contribution of culture to their community. Across SouthAfrica, municipalities are working towards a common goal of harnessing the cultural energy of their unique communities as a way of celebrating and promoting who they are, at the same time, contributing to and planning for anticipated growth and development. Through the development of cultural plans, municipalities are taking a lead role identifying and leveraging a community’s cultural resources, strengthening the management of those resources, and integrating those cultural resources across all facets of local government planning and decision-making. The result – the overall advancement of a vibrant, culturally rich community for current and future residents.

LEBOWA MORAL REGENERATION embarked on a cultural journey by initiating the creation of a Cultural Plan. It is the opportunity to engage the community and Municipality in meaningful conversations to explore what really makes Limpopo and South Africa so grand as well as establish clear direction regarding our cultural future. The results is clear – CULTURE MATTERS! – and we heard overwhelmingly that people are pleased to be involved in planning for our cultural future.

As one of the region’s most rapidly growing municipalities, it is critical for South Africa  to build upon its existing culturally rich foundations to become a premier destination of choice – the best place to live, work and play. It is important that South African municipalities  take deliberate action to sustain and build on this advantage in order to enrich our community, our programs, and our spaces while at the same time exploring new and innovative opportunities and partnerships.

“Our definition of culture in LEBOWA is broad and all encompassing including everything from arts and agriculture to festivals and events, natural and cultural heritage to sport and recreation.”

Why is Culture Important?

Supports A Thriving Economy.

Culture strengthens the economy by revitalizing Villages, attracting tourists and businesses and creating jobs.

Enhances Our Quality Of Life.

Culture gives meaning and context to people’s lives. It engages our minds, improves our health and enriches the education of our children and lifelong learning.

Creates A Sense Of Pride In Our Communities.

Culture helps define the character of a community. Residents feel a sense of pride in their unique local landmarks and history. Culture attracts new residents and keeps current residents in the community. Encourages Social Cohesion.

Culture engages citizens in activities that help build a sense of community. It celebrates different cultures and helps newcomers feel welcome.

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