LEB6 Auto Gas

Our products addresses a vital part of the individual and various organizations requirements therefore we ensure that we remain competitive offering products and services that adds value to people and organizations through cost effectiveness, comprehensive delivery networks, quality service and consistent and rapid support. The company operates its main business operation from Farm 768 Sedumong section, Lekkerland, Ga Masemola 1060

Paraffin Jet A1, JP 54 Diesel Petrol LP Gas; LNG Motor Spares

Lubricants such as: SAE 30, 40, 20W50 and a wide range of hydraulic and other automotive oils

Auto gas such as conversion of fuel driven cars to gas;

LP Gas equipment and accessories i.e. Bulk Tanks, Pumps Motors etc…

LP Gas bulk tank installations for the food and industrial industry

Import & Export of Fuel, Gas, Lubricants and Bulk Tanks