Brand Marketing


In today’ competitive world, fighting for market share means fighting for space and ideas in the minds and hearts of consumers, because that is where decision takes place and that’s where relationships are build. At LEB6 we take your brand/service through a strategic and creative thinking process, to firmly root in the minds and ideas of consumers, to build a long lasting relationship. LEB6 is a below the line brand marketing and sponsorship agency which has grown into Our headquarters is in South Africa ,LEB6 is posed to grow further in other key African markets. With our youthful approach to marketing and communications we’ve developed highly effective marketing and sponsorship concepts for multi national brands such as LEB6 Talent Search and Lebowa Moral Regeneration. We create a youth oriented experiential concept because we believe in strategic branding solutions. Not branding for branding sake.


In 2014 we moved to new premises in 02 Kgoši Ngaka Maleme Street, Sedumong Section, Ga-Masemola. We are intent on delivering integrated marketing solutions to brands in Africa through strategically sound programmes. We believe that passion, an entrepreneurial attitude, an ability to execute ideas with excellence and leadership are strategic values to live and work by.
Chief Jones Leb 6 Security Founder
Chief Jones Talane
The group CEO and the Chairman of LEB6 Trading He is a pioneer in Arts, sports, music development, and sponsorship. It is our believe that youth oriented football projects and Music in Africa will go a long way in contributing to African soccer and Entertainment as a whole. Is our vision to combine traditional music, African football and brands like any Talent Search in partnerships that will not only serve as a powerful market tool but also aid in enhancing African soccer, music and preparing the youth for the world.


We develop integrated marketing solutions by developing experiential touch points for brands and the extension of these points through-the-line to reach an even wider audience in the market. We have a unique model of experiential marketing and communication from conceptualization to actual execution roll out, this ensures we deliver what we promise. With us you stand the advantage of getting the share you deserve of your consumers Idea tank. Ultimately we believe in partnering with brands to create and develop sustainable projects in market. Soccer is unique and universal sport, so we chose soccer and Traditional music to market your brand to the consumers.


  • Soccer Development and sponsorship
  • Brand strategy
  • Experiential marketing
  • Corporate branding
  • Events management
  • Advertising & communication
  • Tv / Radio content marketing
  • Sound Hire
  • MC & Voice Over artist


LEB6 talent search is an integrated marketing campaign that involves Experiential shows
Entertainment scouts selecting the best musician /artist to attend the LEB6 Talent Search workshops. Selected finalist from the workshop having their dreams made real. ( live performances) Finalist to be recorded at LEB6 Records  


The concept is now part of youth life in south Africa reinforcing LEB6 record ‘s iconic status in music and even larger space in the minds of the youth. Emotional clips/quote from participants on how the concept has enriched their lives. WHY don’t you contact us today and find out how can we help your brand connect with its core target?