About Us


    LEB6 Trading is a unique and refreshing high-impact trading and projects company that focuses on solving the toughest, most highly valued and most critical problems of our clients.  Established in 2010, it’s vision is to become the niched, value creation “partner of choice” in Gauteng, Limpopo and in the SADAC region.     Our Value creation will be measured by:  
  1. Sustainable projects business resources driven through leadership and focuses on implementation.
  2. Ongoing client relationships developed through knowledge, expertise and skills.
  To achieve our vision, we offer the following services:  
  1. Leveraged analyses to determine drivers of key issues impacting on the business.
  2. High-impact interventions combining strategy, operations and change of staff to resolve key issues.
  3. Facilitating strategy workshops to determine the choices and direction available to the business.
  4. Special training for our projects managers and clients in order to provide a quality service to your business.


  We work in collaboration with customers to make well-informed decisions based on externally-validated facts, compelling analysis and extensive consulting and business expertise. The common theme across all our work is helping our clients to achieve superior returns in business.   We build sound relationships with internal and external customers by maintaining and enhancing self-esteem, listening and responding with empathy and involving the customer.


  We employ experienced and talented team players that have developed keen insights into understanding business, so that they can immediately engage the professional team by rapidly assessing issues, determining pragmatic solutions and developing implementation plans.   We always train our people to act in a business-like manner at all times.    

Black empowerment policy

    LEB6 TRADING acknowledges and promotes the economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals (PDIs) and historically disadvantaged enterprises (HDEs). The organization’s policies are utilized to expedite its economic empowerment program through established policies in employment, procurement, equity and business partnerships    


  Good governance as contained in the King Code Guide on “Corporate Governance”, shall always form our company policies. Working together we can do more We shall always strive to be in the forefront of Black Economic Empowerment. We shall always put “Youth development” in particular, in the forefront of Our Empowerment policies. Establish and maintain effective and efficient quality service delivery. Establish and always maintain a business environment guided by moral values.    


Chief Jones Leb 6 Security Founder
Chief Jones Talane | Group: Chief Executive Officer
  Jones Talane founded LEB6 Trading in 2010 when he acquired the business of property management, Hospitality, cleaning and security. He brings exceptional management expertise and visionary leadership to LEB6 Trading .   Jones Talane is an entrepreneur at heart with passion and commitment to achieving real black empowerment in South African market. Jones worked for a number of leading property management, security companies and SAPS reservist in Gauteng. He also gained much sound business structuring experience in South Africa.   He formed LEB6 Trading because of his desire to develop a innovative and differentiated staffing and clients approach that would revolutionize the way companies identify, grow and manage LEB6 Trading. He is a strategist, a creative thinker, with a passion for helping clients to find new solutions to old problems.